Recycling + Alloy Design Capability

Aluminum is a material of the future. More importantly, aluminum is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, boasting 100% recyclability:
At the end of its life, used aluminum products become valuable raw materials to us. Recycling aluminum requires 95% less energy and emits 85% less CO2, compared to producing primary aluminum

We provide highest-quality foundry alloys for in-house purpose and to our customers, both in liquid and solid forms.
We also design various new alloys with unique characteristics

Production Process

  • 1. Raw Materials

  • 2. Melting

  • 3. Inspection

  • 4. Casting

  • 5. Final Inspection

  • 6. Packaging

Alloy Design

We boast our in-house capability to design and produce various aluminum alloys, including:

Development of non-heat treated & heat treated aluminum alloys for automotive bodies and chassis with high mechanical properties
Heat treatment-free alloy for crash-relevant,
function-integrated structural applications
High heat-dissipation and high thermal conductivity alloy
Developing High Heat Dissipation & Thermal Conductivity Aluminum Alloys
Developing shrinkage compensating & high-wear aluminum alloys
Shrinkage-compensating and high wear-resistant alloy
Critical components are manufactured using our proprietary process technology: Grain Refined Slurry Technology (“GRST”)

GRST(Grain Refined Slurry Technology)