JOB Openings

Department Descriptions Duties
Support In accordance with internal and external policies, each organization performs related tasks to enable efficient business performance. Finance, HR, General affairs, Environment, Safety and Health, Purchase, Management info.
Production The person(s) carry(s) out work related to overall production from raw materials to products, as well as facility maintenance for smooth production. Alloy, Casting, Processing, Facility maintenance
Quality In order to achieve the goals of domestic and foreign customers and organizations, the person(s) carry(s) out planning, management, warranty, and improvement activities for products/services. Quality Control, Quality Assurance
Marketing The person(s) carry(s) out tasks related to product sales and provision of requirements for domestic and foreign customers. Also, Marketing management
Production planning The person(s) establish(es) a stable production plan for the company and perform(s) the work of supporting business partners. Production management, Business cooperation
Research The person(s) carry(s) out related tasks to ensure optimal production activities through R&D in the materials and production process sector. Materials, Production technology, Technology Sales