A global company with green

technology, centered on people

A people-oriented company focused on expertise

Our company is a people-centric company of experienced,
professional and experienced employees, leading the Korean die casting industry.
Through creative and continuous R&D investment,
we will lead new changes and innovations by leading eco-friendly, high-efficiency, lightweight trends.

SamkeeEV Sustainability

Samkee is committed to sustainable growth
through technology and sustainable innovation.

As a people-oriented, future-oriented company composed of about 600 employees with long experience, expertise and skills, our company is leading the die-casting industry in Korea.
Today, the company develops and manufactures die-casting products for all automotive applications, including engines, transmissions and bodies.

An eco-friendly company

A company that care about the environment and people through aluminum recycling

Create future value through
nurturing human resources

Gain a spectrum of global innovation through ongoing talent management programs

A company that grows
based on people

Think people first and make things for people and company to grow together

An eco-friendly company
Human resources development system

An eco-friendly company
  • - Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • - Reduce water resources
  • - Resource rotation

A company that grows based on people

An eco-friendly company
  • - People-centered organizational culture
  • - E.S.H.
  • - Strengthening community contributions