Research & Development

Technology on a Global Level

Core Technology

Since the establishment in 1988, our R&D center is the source of our technological leadership and innovation. Our R&D efforts are centered on materials research, casting technology, and process improvement, which are continuously applied to the manufacturing once validated.

We strengthened our expertise in materials by developing high-performance alloys, while conducting research on mechanical properties and castability, among others. Various computer-aided simulations and analyses contribute to advanced manufacturing technology and product quality. We achieved high level of production automation and flexibility with our robust team of engineers

Areas of Expertise

Materials Development

Development of Structural aluminum alloy
Research on grain refining and modification of aluminum alloy
Improvement of mechanical and thermal properties

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Casting Simulation

Optimization of gating system with filling and solidification simulation
Prediction of deformation by residual stress analysis
Optimization of parts ejection

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Die-Casting Technology

Slurry casting technology for non-dendritic morphology
High-pressure vacuum die-casting

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Process Engineering

Automation of casting, machining and assembly systems
In-house design and development of jigs and fixtures

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Process Engineering

Maximum Output on Minimal Input

We have robust in-house process engineering capability, which guarantees shorter lead time to and lower costs for series production by minimizing needs for turnkey equipment installations. Our process engineers focus on:

  • Competitive, innovative process design
  • Systems automation
  • Layout optimization
  • Equipment design, manufacture,
    and application
  • Capex optimization
These technologies will be applied in whole process from design to production.
Also these are managed by analysis of feedback data from engineers and treated as critical skills in Samkee Corp.